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Bernards Township
Parents for Exceptional Children

The mission of the Bernards PEC is to provide the support that families, educators, and community organizations need to help individuals with disabilities reach their full potential.  We also strive to create an environment of understanding and acceptance for persons with disabilities within the community. 


Parent Feedback

 If you have any questions or concerns you would like addressed within your school building regarding special education and/or other related services, click below to complete the Parent Feedback Form.

This form is designed to keep your PEC School Representative apprised of school-specific situations, but also, allows for patterns and more systemic issues to be identified by our Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) and brought to the attention of Special Services on a quarterly basis. 

Mount Prospect


SEPAC Parent Representative


Kim Fusca 

 SEPAC Parent Representative


SEPAC Coordinator/


Deborah White

Pre-K/PALS inquiries or questions can be emailed to the above email address.


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